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Steve Dubb

I write, research and advise community groups, universities, foundations, city governments, and health care institutions on how to develop stronger community partnerships and build community wealth using shared business ownership models.


There's a movement afoot to build a more equitable, democratic economy in the United States. It's a movement led by community-based activists who, each in their own way, are building new institutions to support social and economic justice, rooted in community-controlled land and enterprises. This movement has a name: it's called community wealth building.

This paper—adapted from the Building the Inclusive Economy series’ third report, Strategies for Financing the Inclusive Economy—begins to answer this question. It focuses specifically on how financial service providers, impact investors, foundations, local government, community development leaders, and others can finance cooperatives to build community wealth. As cooperative models spread, the role of lenders and investors will grow in coming years. That makes it critical to increase the field's understanding of the role of finance in sup- porting these models, how that role differs from traditional finance, and how that role is evolving.

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